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Agrotsar Farming Company


NoctisFalco , Aragon , nesterovoa , iBrRus , Troy Mc'Clure , MrDanny


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Are you running out of provisions in your settlement? Are the nearby stores empty of shelves? No time to farm?

Our company is ready to help you! Our goal is a comprehensive provision of large settlements and private farms with new and used agricultural equipment.
In the catalog of our company the following is presented: \

  1. Oleg Deere 48342 is a 500 hp* tractor with a comfortable cab, designed for intensive work. Panoramic windows will provide a perfect view on the field. Built-in heater and air conditioning ensure the best working conditions for the operator. A six-cylinder water-cooled gasoline engine, German two-stage clutch, air compressor and reverse gearbox - all these features speak in favor of choosing this model of agricultural machinery.

  2. Agrotsar Plough-69 is the chevisel plow of our own production. It is designed for deep no-tillage with deepening of arable horizon. Breaking over-consolidated layer, the plough improves penetration of water and nutrients into soil, increases soil fertility and crop yield, and activates biological processes. Shoeless tillage with a chevisel plough prevents the development of wind and water erosion of soils.

  3. Agrotsar Seeder-2000 is the seeder of our own production. Designed for sowing of broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, strawberries, carrots, radishes, tomatoes. It is perfect for beets, cauliflower, corn, wheat and other seeds. Two lines of seeding. Features uniform seeding and high efficiency. Seed spacing is stable.

The main advantage of all our equipment is the possibility of replacing the original spare parts with their analogues from cars. And also the possibility of independent production of unique elements from improvised means, all the necessary drawings you will find in the issues of our magazines “Мachinery in agriculture”.

* - power is given in hippopotamuspower.

Workshop ID: 2728257015
Mod ID: agrotsar

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v.1.01 (25 Mar, 2023)

Minimum version of the game: 41.73
Yandex.Disk: Download

v.1.00 (22 Jan, 2022)

Minimum version of the game: 41.65
Yandex.Disk: Download

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