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Autotsar Tuning Atelier - MolksAgen Luton Van


iBrRus , MrDanny


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Autotsar Inc. is back in touch with you. Our tuning atelier is open to all!

Despite the quarantine, a representative from Dean McKay Company has arrived at our headquarters in Kentucky. He came from Nottingham, England with his own branded “Luton Van” from MolksAgen.

Prior to Z-day, Dean McKay provided moving and storage services in the East Midlands. And even after the apocalypse hit, Dean McKay continued to work hard to provide a high level of service and expertise to all its customers. Equally important to the company was the safety and comfort of its drivers, which is why it decided to turn to us.

Features of the modified MolksAgen Luton Van:

You can find all the drawings and instructions in the latest Autotsar Tuning Atelier magazine.

Thank you to Dean McKay Company for your confidence. We wish it the best of luck in this difficult time. We hope your drivers enjoy the updated van.

Workshop ID: 2792425535
Mod ID: ATA_Luton

Where to download?

Steam Workshop: Open page

v.1.03 (01 Jan, 2023)

Minimum version of the game: 41.73
Yandex.Disk: Download

v.1.02 (22 May, 2022)

Minimum version of the game: 41.68
Yandex.Disk: Download

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