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Autotsar Trailers


Aragon , iBrRus , Troy Mc'Clure


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Autotsar Trailers Inc. - the best trailers in Kentucky!

Do you work on a construction site and your tool no longer fits into the car?
Tired of running to the store every week, want to stock up on the full?
Or maybe you want to take out all the corpses from neighboring houses to the forest?

You will be saved by the trailer “Autotsar GovNoVoz-250” (GNV-250):

Is this not enough for you?
Are you moving? Need to transport furniture? Or are there a lot of your neighbors?
Especially for you! Trailer “Autotsar GovNoVoz-500” (GNV-500):

Doesn’t it interest you?
Tired of the bustling city? You would like to go further into the forest, but how can you live there without a refrigerator and a stove? There is a solution!
Сamper trailer “Autotsar iLYA-1990”. New decade - new level of comfort!

2020.11.11 Updating the advertising brochure …

We listen to the requests of our customers and are pleased to present a new model of “Autotsar” trailers: Kingly Benzin Amazing Cistern (abbreviated - KBAC).

2020.12.20 New arrival …

We are glad to present a new model of the Autotsar Trailers Inc.: the mobile generator “GENA-220”. It’s time to say “No!” darkness.

The advantage of our generator:

Hurry up to buy before the New Year! Delight yourself and your neighbors by lighting up your entire neighborhood.

Workshop ID: 2282429356
Mod ID: autotsartrailers

Where to download?

Steam Workshop: Open page

v.1.40 (03 Jan, 2023)

Minimum version of the game: 41.73
Yandex.Disk: Download

v.1.39 (20 Jan, 2022)

Minimum version of the game: 41.55
Yandex.Disk: Download

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