Project Zomboid Mod:
ZuperCart - Carts & Trolleys


iBrRus , Troy Mc'Clure


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Tsar's Common Library


Realistic Carts & Trolleys for best life.

Mod adds trolley and shopping cart.

Shopping cart capacity - 49.
Trolley capacity - 49.

There can be only one cart (trolley) in the inventory, while it is always in two hands. You will not be able to climb over a fence, drive a car or perform other unnatural actions while holding a cart in your hands. When you performing these actions, the cart falls out of the inventory.

How do I pickup a filled cart?
Right-click on it and select “Take trolley”.

Animations created by Martin Greenall of The Indie Stone for use in future versions of Project Zomboid, and modified by IBrRus.

The mod was commissioned by Archer Perez:

Workshop ID: 2478768005
Mod ID: TMC_Trolley

Where to download?

Steam Workshop: Open page

v.1.10 (17 Mar, 2023)

Yandex.Disk: Download

v.1.08 (18 Apr, 2021)

Yandex.Disk: Download

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Redistribution of this mod without explicit permission from the original creator is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, uploading this mod to the Steam Workshop or any other site, distribution as part of another mod or modpack, distribution of modified versions.