Project Zomboid Mod:
True Actions. Act 1 & 2 - Sitting & Lying


iBrRus , Troy Mc'Clure


The listed mods must always be installed and activated.

Tsar's Common Library


To make the mod work in multiplayer in the server config disable anti-cheat protection for type 12. AntiCheatProtectionType12=false

Act 2 - Lying

Added the ability to lie on beds, sofas and other suitable items (over 200 tiles for lying).

Lying is not available on some beds that face north or west.

Act 1 - Sitting

Mod adds the ability to sit on chairs, armchairs, sofas and other items (over 160 tiles for seating). While sitting, all activities are available and all animations are played (reading, eating, drinking, etc.).

Due to the limitations of the game engine, you can only sit on objects directed to the south and east.

Animations created by Martin Greenall of The Indie Stone for use in future versions of Project Zomboid, and modified by iBrRus.

Idea authors and sponsors:
Archer Perez
Aya Ezmaria

Workshop ID: 2487022075
Mod ID: TMC_TrueActions

Where to download?

Steam Workshop: Open page

v.1.09 (01 Jan, 2023)

Minimum version of the game: 41.55
Yandex.Disk: Download

v.1.08 (20 Jan, 2022)

Minimum version of the game: 41.51
Yandex.Disk: Download

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Redistribution of this mod without explicit permission from the original creator is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, uploading this mod to the Steam Workshop or any other site, distribution as part of another mod or modpack, distribution of modified versions.