Project Zomboid Mod:
True Actions. Act 3+. Dancing on VHS


NoctisFalco , iBrRus


The listed mods must always be installed and activated.

True Actions. Act 3 - Dancing


Since the release of our Dance magazine, we have received many letters of appreciation from people in our state.

But one day we found a videotape in our mailbox. And it was a tape of angry feedback. A resident of a small village near Louisville, lamented that he couldn’t read, but really wanted to learn to dance as cool as his neighbor.

He asked very strongly for detailed dance video tutorials to be recorded for him and was very persuasive, especially when showing off his axe, chainsaw, and father’s shotgun.

So we are urgently releasing a collection of 45 VHS containing all the dances you used to find in magazines.

We hope you enjoy it.

P.s. Somebody take Mr. Tommy the whole collection, and ask him to let our editor-in-chief go.

Mod commissioned by GR3Y


TrueActionsDancingVHS - activated together with TrueActionsDancing mod. Adds tapes and disables magazines.
TrueActionsDancingVHS_MAG - activated together with TrueActionsDancingVHS mod. Returns magazines.

Workshop ID: 2707957711
Mod ID: TrueActionsDancingVHS, TrueActionsDancingVHS_MAG

Where to download?

v.1.00 (4 Jan, 2022)

Minimum version of the game: 41.55
Steam Workshop: Open page
Yandex.Disk: Download

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